How to report on Domestic Sexual Abuse


  1. You can file your report at a police station. The police officer should further direct you to service providers and Protection officers. These auxiliary organisations and people are there to advise you throughout the time between filing a report and end of trial.Service providers are mainly local NGOs and helplines that will guide you through the laws and you legal rights. Here is a link containing information of service providers in various states of India.The same is the case with Protection officers. A protection officer is supposed to be specially assigned to you, for in-depth analysis of the situation at your home. This person is going to file the domestic incident report, which states the situation to the court. However, if you are aware of the paperwork required for filing a report, there is also provision for a woman to directly approach a magistrate.
  2. The police should also direct you to hospitals or other medical set-ups if needed by you. No medical centre can refuse medical assistance to you by law. A copy of the medical examination is supposed to be provided to you for free.Similarly, the law says that shelter homes cannot refuse your request if you are a victim of domestic violence and feel the necessity to remove yourself from your household temporarily.

Please read about what is defined as domestic sexual abuse under Indian law, the laws against domestic sexual abuse, and some important things to remember during the legal and recovery process for the victim.