Important things to keep in mind


  1. Keep the following points in mind:
    • Memory: A traumatic experience can impact your memory. A victim may recall the event hesitantly, or may have accurate but fragmented memory of the event and experience difficulty recalling what happened in a linear fashion.
    • Emotions: In reaction to trauma, the victim may experience unexpected emotional reactions. While recalling an incident, they may remain unemotional or experience extreme emotional swings.
    • Physical response: Know that trauma can cause temporary immobility in a victim, that causes the body to freeze in situations that provoke extreme fear. Resisting or escaping for a victim experiencing this is not possible. At this point, a person experiencing trauma will not have full control over their muscle response. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR NOT REACTING DURING THE INCIDENT.
  2. Please keep all medical reports and bills with you, in case of treatment required.
  3. Counselling has been found to be an important way of stopping domestic violence. If you have been a victim of sexual violence, there are aftermaths of various forms – counselling could help you get over these. Please do not ignore counselling sessions if they have been ordered by the magistrate, suggested by your protection officer or by a doctor you consulted. Nakshatra offers free counselling for victims of sexual violence. Here are some things a victim can do when he or she is feeling at their lowest.
  4. At the end of the trial, please keep the copy of the court order, that should be provided to you for free.
  5. No woman should be detained in the police station for the night.

Please read about what is defined as domestic sexual abuse under Indian law, the laws against domestic sexual abuse, and how to report at a police station.