How to report illegal human trafficking


  1. Usually a missing person report is filed in a police station, where you explicitly tell the police that you suspect that the person has been trafficked. In this case, an anti-trafficking cell of the police force should be contacted about the case. Even otherwise, that a kidnapped or missing person is likely to be trafficked is assumed by the police. (The police are supposed to write the FIR or else can be punished by imprisonment under section 166 of IPC).
  2. Again, the help of an NGO working in this field usually makes the process faster. The police apparently have a very strong and far-reaching network. However, in many instances, they are not serious about writing down reports, and after that conducting speedy investigations. Since the first few days after the person goes missing are very crucial in tracking the person down, speedy investigations are extremely important.
  3. Please keep a copy of the FIR you file. You can take it to several forums for anti-trafficking, who can help you by putting pressure on the police to act quickly on the missing persons case.
  4. All victims, who are recovered, are eligible for free legal aid under the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 (Chapter IV, section 12).
  5. There are protection homes, run by both the government as well as NGOs, for persons who have been recovered from trafficking. These places are also responsible for counselling the victims, giving them vocational training or educational support, and other means of social reintegration. Nakshatra is an NGO that can help a victim of illegal trafficking.
  6. Counselling for the victims of trafficking is very important. Most will have gone through extended periods of torture and trauma. Many of them will be children. Many victims lose their self esteem, and many want to stop living. They often have flashbacks of the trauma and have difficulties in leading everyday life. Counselling can help them build confidence in themselves and in life once again. It is very important and should be done for as long as the victim needs it. Nakshatra offers free counselling for victims of sexual violence. Here are some things a victim can do when he or she is feeling at their lowest.
  7. The Government of India launched an anti human trafficking web portal ( in February 2014 that they hope will be an effective way for interested parties to share information about this topic.
  8. If you suspect that a child or a person is being trafficked then you must report it to the police. For example, in a train or bus station, if you suspect a person being trafficked, tell the police immediately – usually there will be a police posting in a train station. You can also call the police helplines to report the case and the place or transport where you saw the incident:
    • Anti trafficking unit: 09884326993
    • Women’s helpline: 1091
    • Child helpline: 1098
    • Bonded labour: 805 608 0000
    • Police: 100
    • CBI 24/7 anti-trafficking helpline : 011 2436 8638

You can read about the laws against human trafficking here.