The Immoral Traffic Act



  1. A person running a brothel, a person procuring women for a brothel or inducing women to go to a brothel, a person attempting to procure a woman for a brothel, or a person using the services of a brothel are all punishable with imprisonment of varying lengths, and/or fine. A person who abets in a crime of trafficking will be treated as if the person committed the crime itself.
  2. If a child is found in the premises of a brothel and is found to have been sexually abused, then it will be assumed that the child has been used for prostitution purposes, until proven otherwise. This involves harsher punishment.
  3. Detention of any person in a brothel, whether or not the person has been used for prostitution, is punishable with jailterm.
  4. A woman found to be involved with running a brothel may be put in a remand home instead of a jail.
  5. Every abused woman found in a brothel raid will be given medical aid and medical reports will be made – to be given to the magistrate of the case against immoral trafficking.
  6. Every person found in the brothel during a raid, will be taken to the police station for further investigation into the role the person was playing at the brothel.
  7. If a raid conducted in a public place like a hotel recovers women being used for prostitution, the license of that hotel or the place may be cancelled for at least 3 months.