How to Report about Child Sexual Abuse



  1. Such an incident can be reported at a police station or special juvenile police unit.
  2. The police are supposed to be taking the child to the nearest medical facility within 24 hours.
  3. The presence of a woman during the medical check-up is mandatory, and if the parents are not there then the police officer in charge of the case summons a woman police officer or helper to be present within 24 hours of notice.
  4. It is not mandatory to file and FIR before going for medical asistance – no medical facility can turn a child victim of sexual violence away. Please check the information on Medical Assistance and check-up.
  5. The police will also let the Child Welfare Committee (set up in all districts) know within 24 hours.
  6. The evidence should be recorded within 30 days and the case should be completed by a special court within 1 year. For the purpose of speedy trials these special courts have been created.
  7. The police should provide you with information about counsellors.

Please read about medical aid required for cases of child sexual abuse.

You can also read about the laws against child sexual abuse. Here are some important things to remember throughout the legal procedures, medical treatment etc.