Aggravated Child Sexual Violence



  1. The crime is committed by a police officer.
  2. The crime is committed by an armed force personnel on duty, or in an area under his command, or if he is known to be an armed force personnel in the area.
  3. The crime is committed by a public servant.
  4. The crime is committed by someone on the management or on the staff of a jail, remand home, protection home, observation home, or other place of custody or care and protection, on a child who is an inmate of the place.
  5. The crime is committed by someone on the management or staff of a hospital.
  6. The crime is committed by a person on the management or staff of an educational institution or religious institution.
  7. The crime is committed by a gang of people. In this case each person is said to have committed an aggravated violence.
  8. If the accused uses deadly weapons, fire, heated substances or corrosive substances during the act of sexual violence on the child.
  9. If the sexual violence causes a grievous injury to the child, incapacitates the child physically or mentally, or inflicts the child with Human Immunodeficiency Virus or any other life threatening disease or infection.
  10. If the crime is committed on a child with physical or mental disabilities.
  11. In the case of female child, if the crime makes the child pregnant.
  12. Repeated assaults by the accused on a child.
  13. If the child is below twelve years
  14. If the accused is a relative, or shares the same household as the child.
  15. If the accused is in the ownership, or management, or staff, of any institution providing services to the child.
  16. Any person in a position of trust or authority of a child, in an institute or home or anywhere else.
  17. If the accused knows that the child is pregnant.
  18. If murder is attempted after the act of sexual violence.
  19. Sexual violence during communal or sectarian disturbances.
  20. If the accused has a past record of sexual offence of any form.
  21. If after the sexual violence, the child is made to strip and parade naked in public.