Treatment for Acid Attacks


The treatment of an acid victim is often done in many steps. It is a long and painful journey, with many complicated procedures. All these procedures will be in the hand of the hospital. However, the kin of the victim has to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Infection has to be avoided at all costs. Therefore hygiene of the victim and the surroundings is very important. The room has to be cleaned with disinfectants every day, preferably 2-3 times. The food containers have to be sterilized, and the food must not be bought from outside.
  2. The burn areas have to be properly dressed. Two areas should not stick to each other – this can cause long term handicap.
  3. Regular physiotherapy is very important to ensure that the body parts remain movable and the nerves keep functioning.
  4. The diet should be heavy on proteins and carbohydrates to help the victim heal damaged tissues. The diet should also help in keeping the haemoglobin level within permitted range – otherwise operations cannot be performed. In case of heavy blood loss, blood transfusion might also be required.
  5. Skin grafting, to cover the exposed areas, will have to be done. Usually, this is done by taking a little bit of skin from parts of the body, like the thigh or lower back, which have not been affected by burns.
  6. After the burn would heal a series of corrective surgery are required for correcting the contracted skin, reconstructing the burnt body parts like eyebrow, nostrils, ear holes etc depending on feasibility. Sometimes, as many as 50 corrective operations are required. If possible, a good plastic surgeon should be consulted for planning out the sequence of operation.

Please read about immediate medical aid after an acid attack. You can also read about the long term treatment required for victims of acid attacks, which involves counselling and social reintegration.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Acid attacks involve a very long process of recovery, which may include multiple surgeries and lolng-term social reintegration programs. Many times, the recovery process is much more costly than you can afford. Acid Survivors Foundation India and Stop Acid Attacks are two of the leading organisations fighting for acid victims in India. These organisations try to help victims of acid attacks in every possible way.

Also, you should know about the laws against acid attacks and about how to report an acid attack to the police.