Long Term Recovery


  1. Care of the skin is most important, so that the scarred tissues heal properly. Two ways in which this can be done are regular oil massages and wearing pressure garments for at least 10-12 hours a day.
  2. Counselling is extremely important for acid attack victims. Acid attack victims have to battle with their self identity, self esteem, the long course of treatment, pain, and many times social stigma. In most cases they lose hope to live. However, there are several instances when the acid burn patients have bounced back in life. Citing such examples helps the patients to regain faith and look forward to life.
  3. In some cases, the victim is disowned by the family or ostracized due to social stigma. Sometimes the expensive cost of treatment leads to the family abandoning the victim. The victims might approach an NGO in such cases. For the NGOs, social reintegration of the victim is very important. In case the patient has to live away from the family for the purpose of treatment, shelter homes should be provided for the victim. Vocational training should be given so that the victim can earn a living. Sometimes, educational support is helpful both for the victim and in their rehabilitation.

Please read about immediate medical aid and short term treatment required for victims of acid attacks.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND COUNSELLING: Acid attacks involve a very long process of recovery, which may include multiple surgeries and lolng-term social reintegration programs. Many times, the recovery process is much more costly than you can afford. Acid Survivors Foundation India and Stop Acid Attacks are two of the leading organisations fighting for acid victims in India. These organisations try to help victims of acid attacks in every possible way.

Also, you should know about the laws against acid attacks and about how to report an acid attack to the police.