Immediate Relief in Acid Attacks



  1. The first thing to do is get first aid. It is even possible that the acid burns through the layers of the skin and penetrates to the bones, which could be fatal for the victim. the most important form of first aid is washing the burn areas with plenty of clean cool water until the victims burning sensation fades. This may take 45 minutes to an hour.
    • The water must be clean and not contaminated – otherwise the burn areas could be infected.
    • All jewellery or clothing has to be removed from the burn areas, or which have come in contact with the acid.
    • No cream or ointment should be applied to the burn areas.
    • If possible, sterilized gauze can be loosely wrapped around the affected area. The gauze protects the skin from air, debris, dirt and contamination.
  2. While the first aid is being given, someone should try to find out the nearest burn speciality hospital that has isolated wards for burn patients (less chances of infection). A burn speciality hospital, if there is one, should be given preference over a normal hospital. As soon as the burning sensation goes away, rush the victim to the hospital.

Please read about short term and long term treatment required for victims of acid attacks.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Acid attacks involve a very long process of recovery, which may include multiple surgeries and long-term social reintegration programs. Many times, the recovery process is much more costly than you can afford. Acid Survivors Foundation India and Stop Acid Attacks are two of the leading organisations fighting for acid victims in India. These organisations try to help victims of acid attacks in every possible way.

Also, you should know about the laws against acid attacks and about how to report an acid attack to the police.